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  • Are you turning away locum tenens request?
  • Are you tossing locum candidates that may be worth $$ as our locum program builds
  • Did you know that when a client orders a locum tenen candidate from a locum company they are very likely engaging that company to do a perm search or at least agreeing to take a call from their permanent recruitment division?
  • Did you know that most of your clients use locums from time to time?

The locum tenens market in the US was $2.7B in 2009 and is now approaching $4B. 1% of $4B is $40,000,000. Just 1%.........

Growth Rate (Compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, is the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time longer than one year. It represents one of the most accurate ways to calculate and determine returns for individual assets, investment portfolios and anything that can rise or fall in value over time. (CAGR 2015) indicates that in the Healthcare spending trends the CAGR is up for $3B in 2014 to $6B projected in 2022. Healthcare staffing expansion is accelerating as well. In 2009 the locum market was between $2B and $4B and exceeded $5B in 2016. (Harris Williams and Associates healthcare market overview 2017)


The aging U.S. population is expected to drive increased demand for healthcare services, specifically in acute care environments. Americans over 65 are expected to grow from 40 million in 2010 to 73 million in 2030. Increased elderly population will drive healthcare utilization, as this population is more susceptible to diseases and physical ailments that require acute care. ? According to IMS Health, nearly 90% of seniors have one chronic condition and 70% have multiple conditions ? Elderly Americans are three times more likely to have a hospital stay in a given year, and once admitted, the average length of hospital stay is longer than for other age groups. The physician average age is keeping pace with the general population and there are shortages in all specialties as less university graduates opt for a career in Medicine.

NLS is a locum tenens management organization owned and operated by Bill Frey.

When you get your client interested in giving you a locum order the following is what we here at NLS do.

  • Assist Client in identifying real need and creating order profile
  • Negotiates terms of contract
  • Assist in sourcing the candidate if needed
  • Suggesting marketing options like postcards
  • Presenting candidate
  • Keeping candidate in play during approval process
  • Gaining commitment from candidate after client approves
  • Background check of candidate
  • Credentialing the candidate
  • Assisting candidate in securing a locum license in state
  • Negotiating terms of candidate contract, stipend and expenses
  • Quality Assurance during assignment and evaluation post assignment
  • Paying the candidate
  • Provides medical malpractice coverage
  • Maintains candidate credentials for future placement
  • Mail you a check

"Our mission is to provide training, tools and ongoing support to members of The National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters encouraging and empowering them to capture a percentage of this enormous market"

Please take my upcoming call from area code 304 or email me with a time you would like me to call you. 304-893-9427

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